HALO Concept to Reality

RSE were recently approached by Torquer Ltd to take a conceptual design and turn it into a pair of physical prototype units.

In collaboration with Torquer Ltd, we took their initial design, undertook a F.E.E.D study to identify any issues we felt were potentially problematic, proceeding quickly to E.P.C with a three week window to make two successfully functioning test units.

The HALO (Hands-free Autonomous Load Orientation) unit, is designed to eliminate the need for persons holding tag lines to be below an actively rotating load.

The unit utilises a remote controlled operation via a hand or foot pedal box with the crane operator/banksman.

Angus Jamieson, Managing Director of Torquer Ltd, hopes that the HALO unit with provide a simple, low tech, low cost solution for which there is strong interest from a number of major off-shore organisations.

You can find out more about Torquer here: http://torquer.com/

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